At Custom Curves, we are dedicated to helping you find a better fitting bra.

Due to widespread misinformation on bra sizing and fitting (even at major lingerie retailers) and limited size selection, trying to find a bra that fits can be frustrating.
Utilizing outdated sizing methods (such as measuring under the armpits or adding +4/5" to your underbust measurement to determine band size) is a practice designed to fit the largest variety of people into the smallest range of sizes possible, without consideration of how a bra's function should be to support, lift and flatter the bust. No wonder bras have a reputation for being uncomfortable!

Bra sizing is neither confusing nor a mysterious guarded secret available only to bra fitters. (See here on how to properly size and fit yourself for a bra). But determining your bra size does not automatically ensure that any bra of that size will fit. There are as many individual factors to consider as there are body types, and many styles of bras to suit those needs.
The aim of our fitting service is not simply to figure out your bra size, but to help you navigate your choices out of the many brands and styles available.

We focus on providing bra sizes that are often neglected or under stocked by other retailers (currently 28-44 D-K) and are constantly searching for innovation, value and quality for our product offering.

Custom Curves is owned and operated by sole proprietor Dorothy Yang. With eight years of fitting experience as a tailor's assistant and specialized knowledge in bra and corset fitting, she has been dreaming of a bigger, better and more beautiful selection of lingerie in the Halifax/Dartmouth area since the business' founding in 2012.


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